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Operational Driving

This training touches on the various aspects of security driving, a vast and complicated subject. It involves not only a high degree of driving competence, but also the knowledge and ability to use the car as a component of the overall security of the VIP. It involves not only coping with traffic conditions, but also anticipate situations and overcome them with driving skills and security know-how. The training will illustrate the importance of professional training and the ongoing driving skills maintenance.Course Objectives:

  • The goal is to bring each student to a highly proficient skill level in vehicle control and specializes in driving in High-Risk areas of the world.
  • The courses cover techniques such as: maneuverability, coordinating motorcade operations, ramming, protecting against attacks on a motorcade, vehicle deployment and many more. The courses also introduce you to performing dynamic J-turns, L-turns, U-turns, and slalom.
  • React to Ambush in both mounted and dismounted positions. Identifying and egressing to safe havens and rally points.
The course is being offered in 3 models categories

  • Civilian
  • VIP Protection
  • Special forces


  • Introduction
  • The importance of a well-trained driver to the security detail
  • The importance of driving skills in security work
  • Definition of the ultimate security vehicle
  • The main factors that influence the driving process
  • Different Secure-escort driving methods and levels:
    • Principal’s car with no chase car
    • Principal’s car with chase car
    • Principal’s car with chase car and a lead car
    • Principal’s car with a full motorcade
    • Principal’s car with a full motorcade and motorbikes
    • Principal’s car with a full motorcade but with identical cars
  • Secure-escort driving – Basic techniques
  • Static techniques
  • Dynamic techniques


  • Inspecting the vehicle
  • Suiting the vehicle for the driver
  • The correct way of handling the steering wheel
  • Knowledge of the vehicle’s measurements
  • Secure-escort driving – Static
  • Secure-escort driving – Dynamic


Open to members of public and private security  professionals

The course is offered for both offensive and defensive practices.

Law Enforcement and Military Personnel Only. Students must provide credentials verifying affiliation with above-listed organization(s). Minimum age for enrollment is 18.Students should be in excellent physical condition and have no debilitating medical conditions or any medications that could affect physical ability and judgment.The course will require end user certification from the client side.Participants will be required to fill in the registration form provided by Lorin Pte Ltd to the truest information prior to the course commencement.


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