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Protection Management for Hotels

To enable optimal routine performance, and to provide an effective response to and recovery from crisis.  (Prevention-Response)We focused on the use of architecture, people engineering, and technology to indentify attacks on critical infrastructure or to reduce the effects of an attack successfully carried out. The tools and techniques we use can help save lives and protect assets.Too often, decisions are made on where to allocate resources (manpower or financial) based on separate analyses of facility, manpower and technology. These decisions often do not take under consideration the vulnerabilities of the buildings and facilities and without defining clear definitions of the expectations from the security.We provide detailed review current threats to the facilities and examine how they affect your vulnerability and operational methods. It will provide methods for understanding threats and risks, identifying vulnerabilities and for taking an active approach to protection by building an integrated view of the physical, technological and human aspects of security.

The program will be looking into the Hotel security environment and the threats to that particular environment.

An integral security system is the platform for responding to and handling all risks and threats caused by terrorism, crime and disaster

Purposes of an Integral Hotel Security System

  • Deterrence
  •  Warning
  •  Prevention
  •  Response
  •  Recovery
  • Threat evaluation – understanding what threats the facilities are exposed to in order to prepare comprehensive corrective measures.
  • Access control procedures.
  • Physical security - what physical measures are in place in order to protect against various threats.
    • External and internal physical barriers.
    • Bomb blast protection report.
    • Technical means.
  • Management - Responsibilities, Policy, Training.
  • Vendor’s / third parties evaluations – the effectiveness and service of security companies and security systems.
  • Authorities - examination of the cooperation with the authorities with regards assets protection, incidents handling, reporting of threats, and correspondence.
  • Awareness - staff and visitors’ awareness of the security process.
Open to members of public and private security  professionalsContract or In-house security professionals and managers responsible for security and safety in the hotel & tourist industry.


  • Lectures on listed topics
  • Discussion of real life case studies
  • Table top exercise


None.  Course is recommended for security professionals in hospitality business.
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After just our first lesson we were very confident of our lecture… Have no doubt in introducing the course to anyone in Singapore.

Randy from Legend security

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September 18, 2019
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