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Loss Prevention Workshop

Effective & Proven Methods to Fight Losses and Maximize Profit

Retail businesses often suffer from losses of 1% – 3% of their turnover, sometimes even more. The more common causes of loss are theft (by employees, customers and suppliers), errors in record-keeping and management. If we take into account that net profit is generally a single-digit percentage of turnover, it is apparent that a 1-3% loss has a significant impact on the company’s profit.

The purpose of this training is to provide participants with effective tools to fight loss and to maximize the company’s profits, such as:

  • Setting clear policies regarding loss
  • Tools for measuring loss
  • Reliability-testing for employees before hiring
  • Defining managers’ responsibility for loss
  • Role of the security officer
  • Training employees and defining their roles in the security plan
  • Technical means
  • Security procedures
  • Employee reliability


Open to members of public and private security professionals.

  • “Licensed & Certified” Security Professionals;
  • Supervisory Staff and Management Proprietary Loss Prevention
  • Contractual Loss Prevention Agencies
  • Loss Prevention Agents
  • Lively, interactive lectures
  • Visual tools
  • Case studies
  • Role-play / Simulation with video reviews
  • Physical drills in 4-5 person teams
  • Small group work – assignments and presentations
  • Questions & Answer



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