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Creativity in the Security World

Prompting Innovation and Creativity into your security perspectives

The goal of this 2-day seminar is to clarify the importance of creativity mainly in the work of intelligence and security, where the absence of creativity, being stuck in a thinking rut, can lead to disaster, perhaps even the loss of human lives. Creativity is especially required in the fields of security and intelligence, where the enemy is constantly trying to attack, and constantly coming up with new ways to do it.

Goals of the seminar

  • To give participants a peek at the world of creativity and understand the concept and its significance
  • The pros and cons of being stuck in a thinking rut
  • To give participants a different way of thinking from daily routine and give preliminary tools to think more creatively and practice this way of thinking
  • To know how to accept other points of view in a team as part of creative problem solving.
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The seminar Is interesting and insightful, the sharing of experiences and case study were valuable.

SPF Singapore police force

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September 18, 2019
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