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Technology in the service of security

In recent years The Characteristicsand modus of operandi of terrorism and criminal acts progress tremendously which makes the combat against the adversary more difficult for us the security forces. Our working methods, strategies and tactics must adapt and cope with the “new reality” and constant changing environment which creates new threats and weapons that the adversary is using against us, this is why new and innovative approaches are necessary to protect and defend against the daily threats.As we use and apply new methods and technology applications into our security protective measures it obvious that the same application (mostly offered in the civilian market) can be used by the adversary against us, the most known example are the 26/11 attack in Mumbai India which demonstrate the terrorist utilization of technology before the execution of attacks and most important during the attacks. (They carried handheld GPS navigators, satellite phones, BlackBerrys and data CDs containing detailed maps and Google Earth images of where they were going.)We have also need to consider the corrective and effective usage and deployment of the technology that will be as an integrated part of our security plan, the adversary constantly trying to identify our “weak points” which he might use in time and place in accordance to his preference, in this context we can relate the recent attempt to blow the Northwest Flight No 253 on 25th of December by Nigerian terrorist which managed to pass the security checks and board the plane with explosives.

In order to accomplish and execute security – In every aspect of life, and in everywhere, there is a need to utilize technology. Every item, tool, or possibility is linked in one way or another to the technological aspect.Technology grants the defending side or the public early knowledge – intelligence, sight and visual electronic tracking possibilities, and a means to counter terrorism – and all of these relate to technology and make use of available technology we have today in the market.

The seminar is composed of analyzing several cases of terrorism and attempted terrorism of different kinds – and how tools – “Of the trade”, different technologies and technological modes of operation helped the defending side to prevent terror and the next attacks


First day:

  • The attack at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai India, 26.11.08, and the technological organization following it in order to prevent further incidents in the hotel chain.
  • Aviation security – Tools and technologies which assist in accomplishing it.
  • History and how technology joined the different circles.
  • Use of audio and video technology to accomplish security.

Second day:

  • Identifying explosives – existing technologies.
  • Protecting objects – Buildings, Facilities and camps.
  • Eavesdropping – Every method
  • Video technology and its usage.
  • Physical defense
  • Handling "Post-events".

Third day:

  • Encryption and decryption
  • Networking and Internet usage
  • Physical defense of facilities and buildings
  • Airborne means – a look from above
  • Unconventional threats
  • Summary and questions.
Open to members of public and private security professionals  

Everyone who deals with different aspects which contribute to information gathering, deciphering them and threat management, and to all who deals with the daily war against crime and terrorism which is rampant throughout the world.

The Public Sector: Policemen, security supervisor and managers in state-run facilities governmental offices, Public- Transportation, Courts, Schools, State functionaries' body guards, etc.).

The Private Sector: Security companies' personnel, security managers, risk and emergency manager’s, representatives of security-related academies, Hotel-security managers, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Regional corporations and companies, VIP Body Guards, etc.

Through the use of practical examples, case studies and exercises you will learn the different types of security problems that are faced in the protection of organizations computer systems and its impact on the organization. We ensure at the very end of this seminar, with your "valued-added" knowledge coupled with your functional skills set will be a key asset to any organization.


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