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  • 08/TP/ISDF/07

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CCTV- Increasing Efficiency, Improving Security

In order for us the security forces to conduct an effective and comprehensive security we utilized the technology as integral part of our security measures.

The use of CCTV is rapidly altering the way that we think about security. Whether it is used for fighting crime, securing sensitive facilities, or a wide range of other aims, its success has been impressive, consistent across multiple scenarios and countries, and its positive results have proven sustainable over the long term. Not surprisingly, the study of CCTV has become a major industry within security circles. However, although most are in agreement over its effectiveness and efficiency, very few possess the necessary technical and doctrinal expertise to maximize the potential of CCTV. This critical imbalance must be rectified if Singapore is to fully enjoy the benefits of this ground-breaking technology and method. To be an expert in CCTV requires not only advanced technical knowledge, but also requires an individual to possess a deep understanding of the dynamics of the security problems that CCTV seeks to combat. While it is a difficult task, those who are successful in obtaining these skills will find themselves on the cutting edge of the security field. The use of scientific principles and technology such as CCTV is the way of the future.

Course benefits

  • Design and specify CCTV systems that meet your needs
  • Appreciate cost effective approach to installation and operation
  • Better understand specifications aids and guides
  • Assess current market trends and technologies
  • General introduction
  • Case study – Mumbai terror attack through the CCTV system
  • Security cameras – characteristics, technical specifications and types of cameras
  • Principles of effective deployment of CCTV systems
  • DVR – recording and picture analysis
  • Video encoding
  • Spy and hidden cameras – concealment methods
  • Wireless applications
  • Unmanned aerial photography and imaging systems
  • VMD analytic video


Open to members of public and private security  professionals

While open to all members of the concerned public, this course will be of particular benefit to security personnel from the public sector. The course will also benefit private sector leaders, who must make critical business decisions regarding what are often critical national security assets while taking critical security considerations into account. Given the changing security landscape in Asia, this reality is unlikely to change and as security and stability requires a consistent, comprehensive effort, expertise in this arena will be indispensible for the private sector.

  • Dynamic and Interactive learning
  • Demonstration of real life case studies
  • In class practice and exercises



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