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Seminar on White-Collar Crime

The financial cost of white-collar crime is probably several times as great as the financial costs of all the crimes which are customarily regarded as the “crime problem”. The damage of the white-collar crime is not in the economic field, it threats upon the rule of law. 

Better understanding of the criminal state of mind and behavior is essential and critical to cope with the phenomenon of crime. Law enforcements agencies should gain sufficient information and be acquainted with the offender’s acts and motives, and with the culture of delinquency. The idea is to be able to see the word through the eyes of the offenders.


The main objective of the seminar is to improve the understanding about white-collar crime phenomenon and the ways to cope with it from the criminal investigator’s point of view.


The seminar will provide efficient tools and knowledge to law enforcement agents who combat with white-collar offenders by investigations and interrogations.

The lectures include multidisciplinary materials: Criminology, Penology, Victimology, Criminal Justice and Psychology with practical aspects which can be easily and successfully implement in the field.

    • Criminal development
    • Deterrence and law enforcement – the Penology aspects
    • Introduction to white-collar crime
    • Victims and victimizing – the Victim ology approach and Psychological issues
    • Criminal profiling
    • Introduction to Questioning and Interrogations: the concepts and process, the PEACE Model
    • Doctrines: the Reid 9 Steps of Interrogation
    • Strategies to defeat the interrogation, from the offender’s point of view
Open to members of public and private security  professionals

  • Public sector The seminar is especially suitable for law enforcement agents, including detectives, investigators, and prosecutors; and for other officials who work in the framework of investigations and interviewing such as customs, secret service, and Financial intelligence units (FIUs),Central Bank .
  • Private sector The seminar is appropriate also to people which work in the private sector like private detectives, security and investigation managers, and professional in fraud prevention / AML and Compliance, Risk Management in Financial Institutions, Banks & other financial institutions,

The seminar will consist of presentations and videos, direct sharing of information and experience, and analysis of past events. We provide practical training that emphasizes logic rather than automatic procedures— we teach security personnel how to think.


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The seminar Is interesting and insightful, the sharing of experiences and case study were valuable.

SPF Singapore police force

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September 18, 2019
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