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CSI- Biological & Materials Analysis

A specialized training in the field Crime Scene Investigation, covering analysis of biological and material samples collected. In Biological Analysis we deal with the identification and comparison of biological material originating from the human body. Materials analysis focuses on the identification, characterization and comparison of materials, including fracture analysis and testing for defects in materials.
In the biological aspect we deal with the identification and comparison of biological materials originating from the human body-
1. Trace amounts of material.
2. Examination all kinds of biological materials in all forms of appearance.
3. Examination of cells, tissues, fluids, solids, stains and smears.
4. Detection and testing of biological material that is invisible to the naked eye.
The comparison procedures performed at the laboratory are based on DNA comparison. Using this, a biological material may be ascribed to a certain individual, and biological materials found in different places may also be related.
The materials analysis focuses in identification, characterization, and comparison of materials in addition it includes performance of fracture analysis and testing of defects in materials.
Our course specializes in detecting and testing trace amounts of substances. Detecting and testing microscopic materials that are not visible, Tests include chemical and physical tests that yield comprehensive information on the chemical structure and properties of the materials.

  • The biological analysis - breakdown of tests
  • Identification and characterizing of body fluids
  • Identifying and characterizing biological material
  • Comparison of biological material
  • The materials analysis - breakdown of tests
  • Fiber examination
  • Fabric tests
  • Dye examinations
  • Testing of polymers (plastics)
  • Paper and documents tests:
  • Testing of adhesives, adhesive tapes and sealants
  • Testing of various materials
  • Testing of fingerprints
  • Ballistic tests

Open for law enforcement agencies only and legitimate related organization.

  • Hands on exercises will be conducted in laboratory environment.
  • Various modules of exercises will be conducted depending the syllabus opted by the client.

Participants will be required to fill in the registration form provided by Lorin Pte Ltd to the truest information prior to the course commencement.

The course will require end user certification from the client side.

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Well Done! I really like to thank both of you for the sharing of the outstanding course with  us.

Ibrahim ICA

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August 20, 2019
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