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  • 02/TP/AS/03

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  • Aviation Security- Detection and concealment Techniques
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SSXO – Security Screening X ray Operation Training.

As the technology develops mechanical automation we tend to forget the importance human effort that goes into the operations. The insertion of the technology alone won’t give us the result that we are looking for, the knowledge and experience of our employees is priceless. We have to develop the employee experience to his highest level in order to operate the technology and
bring the technology to its max affect. The technology will not replace the human recourses in the near future, therefore we have to train our personal in a way that they will be ready and professional enough to handle the complicated technology and use it to the maximum. In this seminar we will deal with the technology and the operators that handling the technology and we will address the topic of how to detected and identify the various threats of the adversaries in recent years. It is very important that we do not forget X-ray machines are only imaging devices. The reliability to detect and avert threats remains only with us.

• Identifying the threat – what we are looking for
• Introduction – man, machine, interface and detection concepts
• Explosives basics
• The bomb
• X-ray principles
• Weapons and explosives concealment
• Image analysis
• Getting to know the machine
• Detection guidelines & clearance of electrical appliances
• Local protocol

Open to members of public and private aviation security professionals
• Airport and Airline Security managers and officers
• Law enforcement personnel involved in airport operations
• Managers from companies involved in airport operations
• Government representatives involved in Security,
• Customs and Immigration
• Government representatives involved in critical infrastructure
• Security
• Managers of ground handling companies Law enforcement agencies responsible for aviation security

The instruction during the course of the seminar is performed using presentations and videos; furthermore, the participants share the information and experience we have to offer, including the following:
• Analysis of past events and extraction of operative conclusions so as not to repeat past mistakes.
• We provide practical training that instructs the participants as to what they should not do, We base the tools we offer, on logic instead of encouraging automatic procedures; in other words, we teach security personnel how to think.

Professionals from private and public sector who deal with aviation security. Participants should be affiliated with recognized related security organization.

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