Blast Protection & Mitigation

It is the height of folly to believe that any security system is unbreachable, or that one is immune to attack.

Lorin’s expert security consultants can optimize and hone your security systems, procedures and facilities to an unprecedented level. Yet as we have seen in the past, even the most secure facilities in the world are sometimes breached by determined terrorists, through a combination of planning, audacity, determination and sheer luck. Of all the possible modes of attack, the explosive attack is one of the most feared.

If all else fails, and such an attack does succeed, Blast Protection & Mitigation can reduce the effects of the attack in terms of casualties and property damage.

  • Detailed study of the structural integrity of the facility, with analysis of its level resistance to damage in an explosive attack
  • Analysis of an explosive attack’s effect on critical structural elements, and the resulting losses
  • Study of the potential of progressive collapse and secondary fragmentation
  • Recommendation of measures to mitigate the discovered threats, to reduce casualties, damage to property and business interruption

Blast Protection & Mitigation Process

  • Determine Structural Integrity of Structure
  • Analyze Level of Resistance to Explosive Attack
  • Analysis of various Potential Hazards e.g. progressive collapse
  • Recommendation of methods to Mitigate Effects of explosive attack
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August 20, 2019
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